From the moment you walk into our gym, you can feel the ENERGY!

Offering programs in cheer, dance and tumbling, as well as a wide range of other high-energy classes for athletes of all ages and capabilities, Cheer Energy’s vision is for every ‘body’, no matter what level athletes perform at, to learn the importance of confidence, independence, trust and commitment that cheer teaches.

As one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, Cheer is a true ‘team’ sport, that is both physically and mentally challenging – constantly innovating and reinventing itself, while teaching the importance of continual growth and versatility.

We are focused and committed to seeing every athlete achieve personal excellence, while striving to continually improve skills.

We harness the passion of our athletes, while providing a fun, high-energy environment that caters to individual needs of athletes and encourages respect for teammates.

We are a family-friendly gym that is dedicated to fostering a true Cheer Energy community that is authentic and devoted to athletes, parents and coaches.

Cheer Energy is a Services NSW approved  Active Kids and Creative kids provider.

The NSW Government will provide a $100 voucher to parents/guardians of school enrolled children who participate in an active or creative program. Apply for your vouchers through services NSW.


Our state-of-the-art facility, located in the heart of Castle Hill in Sydney, is the epicentre of Cheer Energy.  It’s a place where we encourage our athletes to learn, laugh and fall in love with cheer.

Spread over 1000 square metres, Cheer Energy’s gym has four distinct areas, customised to specific programs and classes, including:

  • Fully sprung, 13-panel cheer room
  • Fully sprung 7-panel tumble room, with a 6 metre tumble track and a variety of air mats and equipment  
  • Two dance rooms – one with a 12 x 10 metre harlequin vinyl floor, the other a wooden floor
  • Kitchen facilities for athletes and parents

 Our spacious waiting rooms offer plenty of seating for athletes and parents between and during class.

Hours of Operation

Cheer Energy is open from 3pm until 9pm on weekdays.

For more information on programs, classes, timetable or merchandise, our Admin team is available via phone or email on weekdays from 11am – 7pm  to answer your queries.

Merchandise and Apparel

As a cheer family, we are dedicated to operating a welcoming and inclusive gym.  A big part of this is ensuring that our athletes feel part of a team, which is why all students are encouraged to wear our Cheer Energy t-shirts, available for purchase from our Pro Shop. We also stock a range of other items for all seasons.

Facility Hire

With close to 1000 square metres of real estate here at Cheer Energy we are the perfect location for your next training session / workshop.

Being located in the heart of Castle Hill with a multitude of shopping centres, cafes and business services in close proximity. Casual and permanent booking are available.


We can provide coaching staff at additional cost should you need. For all booking, costs or a tour of the facility contact us at