As one of the fastest growing sports in Australia and the world, Cheer is athletic, dynamic and a great sport that teaches the value of teamwork, determination and confidence.

Cheer Energy’s cheer program is one of the country’s best – providing athletes with an opportunity to develop their skill under the guidance of our highly experienced coaches.

Cheer Energy offers competitive, semi-competitive, recreational and school cheer programs.  For more information on our Cheer Energy cheer program, or to schedule a tour of our facilities, please phone 0426 767 469 or email

Competitive All Star Cheerleading

At Cheer Energy, our All-Star competitive cheerleading program is fast, fun and energetic. Our athletes learn routines that encompass all the elements of cheerleading such as stunts, tumbling, jumps and dance and incorporate these into a two and a half minute routine which is performed on a sprung floor.

Teams are grouped according to age ranges and skill level, so there is a place for everyone, regardless of age or ability.  Our competitive Cheer teams train twice a week and perform at 4 local and 1 interstate competition throughout the year.

Semi - Competitive All Star Cheerleading

Semi-competitive cheer teams offer athletes a taste of what it’s like to participate and perform as an all-star competitor with a smaller commitment. Our athletes learn all the elements of cheerleading and perform these in a routine at local competitions only. Our Semi-competitive teams train once a week.

Group and Partner Starts

Cheer Energy offers group and partner stunts for all competitive for athletes. Group stunt is a small group of 3-5 athletes working together to create a one minute routine that showcases elite level stunts.

Similar to group stunt, Partner stunt is two athletes who create a routine that exhibit elite level stunts and showcases the strength of the athletes

Recreational Cheerleading

Recreational cheer is a great way for athletes to experience the energy of cheer, without the commitment of competition. These run a various times throughout the year for new athletes to come and try.

School Teams / Activities

The Cheer Energy School Team program offers school sport teams an opportunity to build their cheer skills and abilities – either at school, during school hours, or at the Cheer Energy gym.  

School teams provide a unique opportunity for students to build better friendships with their peers and learn the true value of teamwork.

To find out how you school can have a Cheer Program or run school sport activities contact us today.

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